Class struggle and the construction of alternatives in the era of disaster capitalism.

Historical Materialism Barcelona International Conference 4-6 July 2024


In the third decade of the 21st century, Capital has already displaced a significant portion of surplus value and profit generation processes from the productive industrial sector to new sectors (speculative-financial, real-estate, tourism, private appropriation and concentration of essential goods – energy, water, telecommunications, etc.). This transformation in the organization of wealth appropriation is accompanied by immediate and disastrous consequences for the future of humanity: wars for the control of energy resources, dismantling of social rights, acceleration of ecological collapse, permanent stock market crashes, increased control and violation of rights through the digital traceability of our lives and bodies, etc. All of this shapes a new historical context of social instability, in which the far-right constitutes the political form best suited for capitalism to maintain order and the system’s permanence.